How do struggling families hold it together? In thousands of stressful situations, Tzur is how.

Every day, hundreds of frum families face financial timebombs that threaten to explode. Tzur exists to hear their individual stories, verify how money can help them and channel the vision of Baalei Tzedaka to relieve the stress quickly and with dignity.

Our guiding beliefs

Respond with dignity and
empathy to every request

Identify concrete solutions
to tangible problems

Give people the tools to keep
themselves afloat

Ease the plight of the needy
who won’t ask

Verify requests discreetly,
quickly and effectively

Empower recipients to build a
stronger financial future

“My husband was running around town for weeks. We couldn’t even afford the cheapest sofer! Thanks to you, our son became a proud Gadol and Jew with Tefillin of his own.”

A foundation recipient